About Chris Rule

Christopher Jordan Rule, 1966-2012

Chris Rule suffered from depression on and off from his early twenties up until he took his life at age 46.

“He cared too much.” Chris was born in Waterloo, Iowa to Jack and Loretta Rule. He was one of 4 children. His siblings Shelly, Steve, and Brad also live in Denver. Chris has 2 sons, 1 niece and 5 nephews all of whom have spent many unforgettable hours with him. While Chris’s life ended too early, he was able to make a huge impact on the lives of those who needed help. “Many people live life…a few change lives.” Chris made a difference.

The Rule family moved to Denver in 1973. Chris attended Cherry Creek High School where he quarterbacked the football team to a State Championship. The members of that team established exceptionally close lifelong friendships. Chris went to CSU on a football scholarship and received a tryout with the Denver Broncos. Chris earned an MBA from the University of Denver.
With his first wife, Luauna, Chris had 2 sons Jordan and Connor.

After a short stint in the real estate business, he went to work in the investment business which was highly successful. The past 10 years he has spent quality time with his boys.

He is survived by his wife Jessica Rule, 2 sons Jordan and Connor, his mother and father, sister Shelly Rule, and brothers Steve and Brad Rule.

About Chris Rule

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6 responses to “About Chris Rule”

  1. Editor says:

    Please share any thoughts and memories of Chris here.

    • Jacquie Palisi says:

      What a fantastic event last night to kick off the Chris Rule Foundation. It was an amazing turnout of people who loved Chris, and will continue to make a difference in his honor.

  2. Jean-Claude Moritz says:

    Great man! Great friend in college. Had a huge impact on me when we were younger. I hope and pray that this foundation can make a difference at any level with depression and SAVING lives!

  3. Doug Barker says:

    Some days are tougher than others, and like my daughter might say “today was a toughie”. Probably because it was right in Chris’s wheelhouse. Late October, 75 & sunny. The type of day Chris would pull a bunch of friends together for golf, lots of stories/lies and more laughs than we all had in the past month! I miss you brother, know you are in a good place and we’ll meet again. Thanks for the memories. Let’s all keep the Foundation going strong in Chris’s memory!

  4. annajeanstrear says:

    I am deeply sorry for the loss of Chris Rule. My heart goes out to the family and I pray for the peace that will maybe come someday for his memory. I am a mental heath advocate and have been for many years. I will continue to work on his behalf toward recovery for the peers that experience this horrible disease that leaves out no one regardless of position in life, age race and religion. I thank Chris for his constant dedication to help others no matter what. I will include him in my prayers on the coming holiday of Yom Kippur with rest of our extended family. I extend my condolences to the Rule family . May you live toward peace for this tragic loss.

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